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To create great Pop Art, you have to present something that has been seen before in a new way.

It is this fundamental realization that has led my artwork to evolve from 19th century style Post Impressionism into 21st century individual expression. I am influenced by both Pop Artists and traditional Fine Artists. In the beginning, for me, there was Cezanne. I was captivated by his use of color, a melange of different shades and hues suggesting shadow and light on the simplest of flat surfaces. By combining this concept of color with the method of divisionism and the subjects of Pop Art, I feel I am merging two disparate types of art... creating Pop Art with a Fine Art sensibility.

My artwork is about the act of painting itself. It also deals with the dichotomy of creating art that shows knowledge of the history of art and furtherance of that history, while also being art that anyone can view and appreciate. Thus, I incorporate accessible subject matter as a motif to explore more involved painting challenges. I strive to create works that the layperson can appreciate for their subjectual content, while also being works that the artist or historian can appreciate for the artistic issues explored.

My influences include Henri Mattise, Chuck Close, Andy Warhol and Freek Drent.



awards and exhibitions

Frames Unlimited Gallery
October 21 - November 27, 2016
Kentwood MI 49512
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ArtPrize Eight 2016
September 21, 2016 - October 9, 2016
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Interview With The Artist
The Daily Northwestern Randal Huiskens in 2015.
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